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  • Tina, I love what you wrote above in your poem and in your post. Those writings remind me that it’s ok that we’ve made mistakes in life and if we use our heads and our hearts when looking back, we’ll be able to appreciate the meaningful lessons and patterns of our past. And, even though things haven’t been perfect and the future is unknown, we can be optimistic about it knowing that we’ve gained wisdom with which to guide us to a better future. The following little poem came to me as I was thinking about what you wrote above.

    Look back
    and know and feel your past
    through lessons learned and wisdom gained
    remember that your future has not been cast.

    All the best,
    - Collin

    P.S. I landed here by following the link in your awesome YouTube video I randomly saw earlier tonight about kids hurting emotionally in the foster care system. From your foster video and the little bit I’ve read on your site, it seems like you have an awesome heart. I think it’s great that you’re being transparent about the pain you felt as a foster kid to help others hurting now. Hope you don’t think my little poem was lame. Lol. It’s getting late and I’m tired but when it came to me I wanted to share it with ya.

    Collin Smith on

  • Trail running, such a fantastic escape to be out and running in the fresh air of the mountains and countryside. Let’s hope that running is one of the cycles you have that remains unbroken.

    Grainger on

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