Rose Marie Lynn and her fallen feline friend. REVIEWS

This book was clearly written from the heart. It was well written and well illustrated. Rose Marie Lynn touched my heart from the very beginning. Her pain was palpable as the author describes her loneliness and strong desire for love and acceptance. Her joy was equally palpable once she found Blick and was able to use her imagination to get her to her happy place in which she was accepted with open arms. Tina Thurston does a beautiful job with describing all of the feelings of the little girl in the story. This book is very well written and easy to understand and I highly recommend reading it. This book touched my heart.       ~L.

Beautifully written story of a little girl caught in the foster care system, who longs for love and acceptance and ends up finding it in Blick. Tina Thurston draws us into this little girls world so beautifully written it's hard to believe this is her first book. It is an uplifting story of how your mind and imagination can get you through anything in life. I look forward to much more from Tina Thurston and the adventures of Rose Marie Lynn and her Fallen Feline Friend.  ~P.C.

This book opens the heart, moves to tears, shows the power of imagination and long stays in my mind. I hope that many kids will read it. Thank you Tina Thurston for this book and waiting for the next.  ~O.

For her first book Tina Thurston has revealed a real talent as a writer. This book should be measured by only one standard. Can it inspire the heart that is lonely, struggling with self worth, and the need to feel love and hope? The answer is YES! Buy it, enjoy it, and then share it!  ~C.

This children's book is a lovely story of of a lonely and forgotten child and her ability to bring herself happiness. To escape a harsh world where love and acceptance are absent, Rose Marie Lynn through her imagination creates a magical and loving place of friendship. She finds Blick, a discarded stuffed toy with whom she has ties in feelings of neglect and loneliness. She delves into her imaginary world where all unloved children and toys come together to form a common bond. A touching and charming story for any child (or adult) and to children who suffer from neglect and feelings of abandonment.   ~D.H.

This book is fantastically written it really stirs your imagination & heart. This book is for everyone young & old.
Tina has encapsulated every emotion, which makes the reader feel everything that is on the written page & with the illustrations that are amazing and flow completely with the writing you are completely swept up in Rose Marie Lynn world. I for one look forward to the next adventure with Rose Marie Lynn & Blick.   ~W.

Absolutely wonderful book. I am ordering multiple copies to give to friends that are foster parents so they can pass them on to the sweet children they care for. Tina Thurston is an amazing children's author who's personal experience definitely influenced her insight and compassion in the words of this book. The illustrations are beautiful as well." ~Austin Mom

The book has some deep messages which makes it one of those books you get something out of as much as the child you bought it for. The illustrations set the tone and work perfectly with the story. It is definitely one that I recommend. My personal thoughts...
"Your focus determines your reality." - Qui-Gon Jinn It is just a quote I have always enjoyed and this lovely book certainly highlights that concept. The power of finding the things you seek within yourself is an important one. The story touches your heart and you can't help but empathize with Rose Marie. No matter the circumstance, certainly we have all felt lost and alone. Blick helps by reminding Rose Marie and ourselves that often what we seek most can be found within ourselves. That the journey begins inward and that ultimately shapes how we see and interact with the world around us. Great stuff." ~O.M.

I found this to be a touching piece of literature. I was happy to find out I was not alone in my journey through childhood. Thank you to both author and illustrator. I would recommend this work in the same way I was told to close my eyes and smell Crayola crayons. -J.K.G.


Some German reviews


Ich bin durch Zufall auf dieses Buch gestoßen, weil ich meine Englischkenntnisse wieder etwas auffrischen möchte. Alles ist einfach verständlich und gerade für Erwachsene, die in der englischen Sprache nicht ganz so textsicher sind, zu empfehlen. Die Geschichte des kleinen Mädchens, das sich durch wechselnde Pflegefamilien oft alleine fühlt und ohne große familiäre Liebe aufwächst, berührt einen sehr und es macht dadurch auch nachdenklich. Der einzige wirkliche Freund des Kindes wird ein Stofftier, das dem Mädchen durch eine wunderbare Fantasiewelt führt. Sowohl für Kinder als auch Erwachsene zu empfehlen. ~Heike

Tina Thurston gibt einen schonungslosen Einblick in die Seele eines Kindes, das es alles andere als gut getroffen hat mit ihrer Pflegefamilie. Ohne "pädagogischen Zeigefinger" beschreibt sie einen Zufluchtsort -die eigene Fantasie. Eine schöne Geschichte für Kinder, vielleicht aber noch eine viel wichtigere Botschaft an Erwachsene.Sanne Aßmann rundet das Ganze mit wunderbaren Zeichnungen ab. ~StefanieWHV

Ein herzerweichendes Buch, das berührt, aber nicht verurteilt, sondern Hoffnung all denjenigen gibt, die sich alleine und ungeliebt fühlen. Die einzigartigen Illustrationen unterstützen die sensible Stimmung der Geschichte mit dem so wunderbaren Lichtblick. Der englische Text ist auch für Fremdsprachler leicht verständlich. Tina, we want more! ~GER