"Connected to Source a Journey of Experience" Poetry paperback book

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In the You Tube video I read a poem titled " MUSIC"  on page 29 of my book.


Did I say something that wasn't right?

Did we part forever without a fight?

Your life is set and mine never was,

been drifting since birth into an abyss of drugless justice.

Music is my drug.

Music heals my soul.

It calms me in my headspace

where nature makes me whole.

Music doesn't ask me questions and it doesn't tell me lies, it comforts

me in times of need, withholds its alibis.

It's been holding me together since I can remember,

runs through my thickening blood.

Uplifts me forever, music is my drug...


MUSIC is my home.

Though my body is everywhere and nowhere

my soul continues to roam.

Poker face becomes displaced, eyes penetrate the unknown.

The wall is higher than ever before, forever,

music is my home.


*This book of poetry is the revised copy of the first publication of select writings gathered from over a 30-year span of the authors' life.

This book is signed by the author and includes a bookmark printed on coated card stock.

Book dimensions are 5.5" X 8.5" inches, 1/4" inch thick, page count 100, paperback-perfect bound.


*A new preface is in this revised edition. Six new poems replace select poems of the first edition. The cover art as been modified slightly from the original print for marketing purposes.





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